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Manufacturer of Powder Coating Booth in Kerala

Manufacturer of Powder Coating Booth in Kerala

Powder Coating Booth:

Kaveri steel fabs is a Manufacturer of Powder Coating Booth in Coimbatore. Our Machine are designed with optimal airflow for powder containment and application efficiency, and are the perfect solution for bringing the advantages of spray-to-waste or reclaim cartridge collector efficiency to your powder coating process. Efficient powder recovery & recycling systems ensure higher PERFORMANCE PARAMETERS. Smooth internal surface of the booths assist efficient cleaning. Booth & detachable recovery systems are mounted on castors for easy & quick mobility during color change.Our standard powder coating booths control air uniformly through all the booth openings, recirculating the air back into the facility so no makeup air is required, and collecting excess powder through the two-stage filters of the collector modules. Our Batch Powder Coating Booths provide a superior application environment for small job shop runs or large production runs, and are designed for manual gun usage.





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